Hírek az OCR világából

Temporary OCR card for new entrants

The Hungarian Federation for the duration of the OCR European Championship, June 8-11, 2023 issues a temporary OCR card to the following competitors.

The fee for the temporary OCR card: HUF 8,000.

Who is entitled to it?

– Hungarian racer qualified without an OCR card can receive a temporary competition license from the federation for the duration of OCREC, who have never had an OCR card issued by the federation, neither in 2022, nor in 2021, nor in 2020, nor in 2019, i.e. completely new entrants into the system.

– Foreign competitors without an association (e.g., Slovak competitors) can receive a temporary competition license from the fedearation, they do not need to join a Hungarian association, but they must have a Hungarian qualification.

The racer must apply for a temporary OCR card after obtaining the qualification. After obtaining the qualification, the competitor must transfer the fee of the temporary OCR card to the Hungarian OCR Sport Federation at the time of application (when submitting the temporary competition license application form) to the following bank account number:

Magyarországi OCR Sport Szövetség

10103881-04267400- 01005007

When making a reference, write the racer’s name and „temporary OCR card” in the announcement.

The deadline for applying for a temporary competition license is April 30, 2023.

Competitors are requested to send a copy of the temporary competition license application form to the email address info@ocrsport.hu, and then send the original to the federation’s address!

Post address: Magyarországi OCR Sport Szövetség (Hungarian OCR Sport Association) 1134 Budapest, Dózsa György út 53.

To download the temporary competition license (OCR card) application form, CLICK HERE!

The sports doctor’s license required for participation in OCREC must be attached to the OCREC registration by April 30, 2023, at the latest!